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Clerk: Eleanor Brooks, tel 07841 345556  Asst. Clerk: Stephen Jewell, tel 01233 639055

e-mail: clerk@east kentquakers.org.uk

Assistant Clerk (Membership): Liz Cooper, tel 01843 861953,

e-mail: membership@eastkentquakers.org.uk

(Please note that these contact details do not apply to meeting house lettings. For these, see the relevant local meeting page.)


The East Kent area of the Religious Society of Friends consists of local Meetings in Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Faversham and Folkestone. There is also a monthly Meeting for Worship in Deal. To see details of the places and times of Meetings and other particulars concerning the individual Meetings, click on the links above.

What are Quakers?   

  'Quaker' is a popular name for a member of the Religious Society of Friends. (Members are also known as 'Friends'.) As Quakers we have no dogmas or creeds, believing that the truth cannot be reduced to a form of words. Nor do we have any one definition of God but we have the conviction that each of us can have direct experience of the Spirit of God and that our religious insights, attitudes and practices should come together in a way of life.

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What happens in Meeting for Worship?   

  A Quaker Meeting is based on silence - an expectant silence of waiting - in which we seek to come nearer to each other and to God. Sometimes a Meeting will pass in total silence. The silence may be broken if someone feels compelled by the Spirit to speak, pray or read. The Meeting ends after about an hour with the shaking of hands.  


   Quaker Quest

Quaker Quest is a regular opportunity for those who want to find out more about the Quaker way to attend a session at Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ (opposite Euston Station) on any Monday evening 6.30 - 9.00 pm. The programme of events can be found on www.quakerquest.org or call 020 7251 0376.

The Quaker Tapestry

The Quaker Tapestry, based at Kendal Meeting House in the English Lake District, is a celebration of 350 years of Quaker insights and experiences embroidered in narrative crewel work on 77 panels of specially woven wool cloth by 4,000 men, women and children from 15 different countries. Each panel measures 25" (635mm) wide by 21" (533mm) deep. It is a very inspiring project and the panels are well worth seeing. More particulars about the exhibition can be found on the Tapestry's excellent website. Click on www.quaker-tapestry.co.uk to visit it.

'Draw Breath'

Breathe in the quiet purpose of this place;

Through outward stillness, seek a calm within.

Here we can find forgiveness and forgive;

Here feel the healing miracle begin.

Breathe out the busy world, the teeming mind,

The follies,fears and failures of the week;

Breathe out contention, pettiness and pride,

And wait in trust for "that of God" to speak.

Breathe in communion, friend with quiet friend,

Each drawing closer in this timeless hour;

As all our different needs and gifts are drawn

To the one source of comfort, love and power.

Breathe out at last, to God, the heart's full thanks

That we have seen this vision, known this grace;

Renewed through love, let us that love extend

Through all our daily life beyond this place.

Geoffrey Weeden